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I have a query regarding the EFR32BG22C222F352GM32​ bluetooth IC. Can you please help me out?
I am calculating the current consumption f the BLE part only. I am calculating here also and please rectify If I am misunderstanding. 
EFR32BG22 Tx current @0 dbm output power----- 4.65 mA=4100uA( avg)
EFR32BG22 Sleep Mode current -----------------------1.30uA (EM2 mode)
EFR32BG22 Sleep Mode current----------------------- 0.17uA (EM4 mode)
Battery capacity-------------------------------------------- 225mAh
Situation 1> If IC is always in sleep mode (EM2)
Toal current consumption/h= 1.3uA
Total Power Consumption= 1.3uA*3V=3.9uW
Battery life (with 90%battery efficiency)= {(225mA*1000*3V)/3.9uW}*0.9= 155,769.231h=6490.38DAYS= 17.78 years
Situation 2> If data transmission is done in every hour for 30 secs
Toal current consumption/h= {(4650*30)/3600}+{(1.3*3570)/3600}=40.039uA
Total Power Consumption= 40.039uA*3V=120.11uW
Battery life (with 90%battery efficiency)= {(225mA*1000*3V)/120.11uW}*0.9= 5057.86h=210days
Somewhere I read that using CR2032 battery it will run for 5 years. Am I taking anything wrong? Can you please suggest me how we can minimize the Tx current consumption so that we can use the battery atleast for 1 year? We will transmit stored data in every 15 minutes.

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