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I just received a Thunderboard Sense. Very nifty board with all kinds of sensors and BLE + Thread + ZigBee radio, using the EFR32MG. The board is recognized by Simplicity Studio, but there is no documentation on the internet. Even the schematics in Simplicity Studio itself are for the wrong board.


I am looking for:


  • Pinout
  • Schematic
  • Board manual

Does somebody know where I can find them?

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  • Hi BasilFX,


    I've sent you a private reply.


    Best regards,


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  • I have the same questions as BasilFX, I received a thunerboard sense at the silabs wireless workshop and i'd like more info on it.  It had a website on the card inside the box but it's not available.  



  • Alf,

    I'm also seeking documentation.

    In particular, the schematic for the board.

    Or more information about how to power the board if not from the CR2032.

    Also, I would recommend that silabs fix some of the broken documentation links.

    For example, the .pdf document refers to:




  • the schematics are a good start, but most peripherals can't be effectively controlled without a documentation of how the io expander (the efm8sb chip, U21) is supposed to work. were it a plain i2c gpio expander, i'd just look up the data sheet, but given it's a full mcu, it's hard to guess what to send over i2c to enable the various enable pins or to receive interrupts.


    is there any documentation or source of the default firmware available? (flashing it with custom gpio expander firmware would probably be possible, but would make starting up with this hardware much harder than it shouldbe.)

  • Hey Alf,


    Is there any way to obtain the files you might have shared privately here before. Would be really convenient to have the pinout and schematic

  • Hi,


    All Thunderboard Sense documentation is now available in Simplicity Studio (version 4).


    The user guides can also be downloaded from the web site:




  • Hi Audun,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I went throught the simplicity studio examples but currently as i dont have an IAR license I am using BGScript to implement a few prototypes. I am a bit new to the silicon labs development environment and was wondering if there is any example or application notes in BGScript to use the thunderboard sense with an external mcu say an arduino via UART

  • I am using the Thunderboard Sense out of the box, to perform some RF performance metrics.  I do not see specific documentation of that the RF output power (in dbm) is set to.  I see mention of both 8 dbm and 10dbm in the user manual, but neither says that is what the transceiver is actually set to. 


    Please confirm the RF output power in the out of the box Thunderboard Sense firmware.