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        I have Gecko Development Kit EFM32G-DK3550 and I want to program ThunderBoard React having Bluetooth module BGM111M256KV1.1.  can i program it using this Gecko kit? 

Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    Yes, it is possible.

    Make sure you set the kit to debug out mode.




  • Programming ThunderBoard React [RD-0057]


    1. I have the Blue Gecko Module Wireless Starter Kit (part # SLWSTK6101B)
    and I want to program ThunderBoard React having Bluetooth module BGM111 can I program it using this Gecko kit?


    2. It doesn't have the needed 10 pin mini cable that is shown in the getting started notes.
    Where is this cable available from?


    All it says is "The wireless STK, with radio module removed, should connect to the platform running Simplicity Studio (either USB or Ethernet). The adapter should seated in the two lower-right male connectors. The 10-pin ribbon cable should connect the adapter to a Thunderboard




    Quote from: UG164: ThunderboardTM React (RD-0057-0201) User's Guide

  • I posted a more thorough step-by-step instruction here.  See if that helps/makes it easier to see the procedure, or if we need to update the guide.