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This week we introduced the Thunderboard React, a solution made to bring your IoT product ideas to life. The small demo board connects to the free mobile app to get your sensor data to the phone and the cloud. At the center is our BGM111 Bluetooth Smart module, collecting data from motion and environmental sensors. And of course, all the hardware design and software source is available for you to reuse and modify to fit your product.


Head over to the Thunderboard React page to get all the details. 



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  • I really like this new board and I consider to buy one. However there is one thing, which is kinda disappointing. Why didn't you just adapt the pinout of the Mini Simplicity Connector from the ARM Cortex 10-pin Debug Connector (which is used on the Sensor Puck), so that it would be possible to program the Thunderboard React with any J-Link probe which has such a connector? So even if you already have a EFM32 STK you need this little adapter board, which is barely available at the moment, unless you don't want to build one on your own. Or will the Thunderboard React Kit include one of these?


    Kind regards


  • Hi Michael,


    Due to the added features of the Mini-Simplicity connector, we were not able to keep it compatible with the pin-out of the standard 10-pin Debug Connector from ARM. All new Wireless STKs whip with the adapter board, and distributors are being stocked with the adapter right now. The Thunderboard React Kit does not ship with the debug adapter board included.