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I have trouble debugging my thunderboard. Debugging used to work fine, but now I can see in the dissasembly that it blocks in a loop before I can even launch the program.

The program don't go further than the beq instruction.

I've faced a similar problem before and debugging worked fine after I've created a new workspace and used the example program for Bluetooth SDK : SOC - Thunderboard.


Anyway, i've just done a device recover using the command :

C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\adapter_packs\commander device recover


Often, I also have problems when I try to debug and this prompt :

Most of the time, clicking on the "Click to query Lock Status" doesn't fix the issue. And I tried "Unlock All" even though there is no devices in Preferences->Simplicity Studio-> Adapters Packs-> Device locks.


These problems are annoying and kind of discouraging for new users on this environment like I am :/


More infos on my config :




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  • I tried your solution. I performed Read from device and a Unlock debug port successfully but my program is still blocked in the same loop..
  • Do you have an other idea ?  I really need help on this one, this is urgent
  • Debugging used to work fine,

    I just noticed this, does it mean you have been able to use the board just fine, and this issue came around for no apparent reason? Have you made sure that you have flashed a bootloader to the board?

  • Yes i was able to use the board just fine. No, how do I check that ?
  • Ok so after flashing the Internal Storage Bootloader, it works just like before, thanks for your help


  • Create an Internal Storage Bootloader project. Build the hex file.

    Use Simplicity Commander to create a combined file that contains your program and the bootloader.

    Create a custom Post-Build script to generate the combined file every time you build.