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I'd like to consider connecting a new Thunderboard Sense 2 directly to a Raspberry Pi through the USB port on the Pi and Virtual Com Port (MicroUSB) on the TBSense. 

Would this be possible? 

I understand the TBSense activates the Virtual Com Port on MicroUSB plugged in. Would it automatically start transmitting sensor data or would I have to initiate it from the Raspberry Pi?

Reason I'm doing this; I have one TBSense running through BLE, and would like to try some other routes to get regular sensor data, to upload to the cloud, without the need for a mobile phone / app as the IoT interface. 



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  • Hi,

    Yes this is possible, you could send the sensor data out via UART but the TBSense example app is not prepared for this. I'd recommend looking at some of the MCU UART examples if you're unfamiliar with that peripheral.



  • I am trying to solve the similar problem. Can you tell me how I can directly reading the data from Thunderboard through UART? Do I need to write any scripts on RPi 3 or I need to modified code on Thunderboard? Thanks!
  • BTW neal_tommy, I read one of your previous post on connecting TB sense with RPi3 via bluetooth (, I am wondering what is your setup procedures in this project: Do you connect TB sense to RPI 3 by bluetooth directly, run the python script and it will just work, or is there any other steps we need to take? Thank you!
  • With Bluetooth Stack onwards, you can flash the SoC-Empty project on TB Sense, set DEBUG_LEVEL to 1 in app.h and you are good to go printing via UART. On the RPi, connect to the port to which the TB Sense 2 is connected and use a terminal app to see the print commands.
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  • Hello,

    I am trying to achieve the same as Kevin;

    @mraut could you me more specific about flashing an SoC-Empty project? Will I be able to backup and restore the original?

    Also how do I interact with the targeted tty from my RPi?