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Some situation in the Forums but no response!!,

I just received a Thunderboard Sense. Very nifty board with all kinds of sensors and BLE + Thread + ZigBee radio, using the EFR32MG. The board is recognized by Simplicity Studio, but there is no documentation on the internet. Even the schematics in Simplicity Studio itself are for the wrong board.


I am looking for:


  • Pinout
  • Schematic
  • Board manual

Does somebody know where I can find them?


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  • Hi, 

    All the related files are located at C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v3\doc\EFR32\ThunderBoard_React, which contains the schematic. 

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  • Hello,


    The Thunderboard React is different from the Thunderboard Sense. For example, the Thunderboard Sense has a CCS811 Air Quality Sensor which is not present on the Thunderboard React.  Also the layout is entirely different.


    This same question was posted here:


    In both threads it's been marked solved, however the documentation still seems to be unavailable to most users.  


    As mentioned in the other thread, the card that comes with the kit says to visit for more info.  However at this time it gives a 404 error. 





  • Found the thunderboard sense kit document and schematics here: