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Hi there,

Congratulations on Thunderboard Sense board- it is a very good dev board! Well done.


Using EFM8SB to control power and I2C for all of these sensors is clever too.Would you be able to release the source code for the EFM8 part?


In addition ccs811 driver mentions "ccs811_firmware.h" - which I cannot find either.  Is there C file or binary lib for that file.




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  • I saw an internal ticket in salesforce that talk about exposing the EFM8SB source code to user, but i don't know the schedule because this product is developed by another team.
    I move this post to wireless forum for better visibility.
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  • Any progress on that?


    it will be good if someone attaches to code to Simplicity Studio or post it here directly


  • Hi, thanks for your interest in this. I've attached the source code for the binary that we program onto the EFM8SB10 during production.


    I originally built this with Simplicity Studio v3, and when I tried to import the project today with v4 I couldn't get it to compile out of the box. Anyway, it uses the peripheral library driver for the SMB peripheral.


    Hope the source code helps you on your way, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!



  • And here is a version that you can import into the updated version of Simplicity Studio. I've tested with the 8051 SDK 4.0.3, and it compiles. Note that I have not verified that the resulting binary actually works.


    In the latest 8041 SDK, the i2c_0.c peripheral driver has been renamed to the more appropriate smb_0.c, so I had to update the function names in ioexp_reg.c



  • that's great!

    thanks for posting the source code.

    Kind regards