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1. Clarify to yourself what the specific issue is.

2. Apply basic troubleshooting:

  • Check hardware connections with multimeter.
  • Use logic analyzers/oscilloscopes.
  • Use Simplicity Studio Debugger/Energy Profiler/Network Analyzer/BG Tool, use logging prints.

3. Consult the datasheets and reference manuals. Sources include:

4. Search to see if someone has asked the same question already.

5. Include the relevant parts of your development setup in the problem description. Examples include:

  • SDK version
  • Part number
  • Radio board vs custom hardware
  • Host OS
  • Mobile phone model and OS version
  • Compiler and compiler version

6. Include steps to reproduce the problem or specific conditions the problem occurs in.

7. Be patient and avoid making duplicates of your question.

For general community usage please refer to the Silicon Labs Community Guidelines.

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