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According to UG251 (, the BLE demo firmware source code for the Thunderboard Sense will be available. Where can I find this? In the BLE SDK 2.0.1, I only see the starter code for the Thunderboard React, not Sense.

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  • The Thunderboard Sense demo is not included in either of the BLE SDKs (2.0.0 or 2.0.1) but it is delivered separately. There are multiple update packages needed to get the ThunderBoard sense demo applications, the simplest way is to update all available packages.

  • Hi.  I can't find this either.  In Simplicity Studio launcher there are no demos.  Software examples include only SOC - Empty and SOC - iBeacon.  My preferred SDKs is Bluetooth SDK v2.1.0 and no new updates are available, only older versions.  I tried Gecko SDK 5.0.0 and Silicon Labs RAIL 1.3.1 and got some more examples under RAIL, but seems not the demo firmware that the board came with.  What exactly do I need to install to get the source code project for the demo firmware that came pre-installed on the board?

  • @tomahola due to some SW integration issues, the TB sense demo is currently not available with the 2.1.0 stack. You need to install the earlier version 2.0.1. (From TB sense point of view it really makes no difference to use the older version)


    Install BLE 2.0.1 SDK. Then in Studio, make sure your TB sense is plugged in and recognized by Studio. In the Studio launcher menu, select the TB sense board from the device list and set BLE SDK 2.0.1 as the preferred SDK.


    Hope this helps!

  • @JaakkoV where can I find the TB sense 2 demo code? in the latest 2.2 also I don't find. Pls share the link to the source code..
  • +1 Krish gota -  looking forward to the same.  Any silabs team help?