Please see the attached document for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers regarding the Si5345, Si5344, and Si5342 10-Channel, 4-Channel, and 2-Channel Any-Frequency, Any-Output Jitter Attenuator/Clock Multipliers.


The topics from the Table of Contents are listed below.


PCB Design Considerations

Where should I look for schematic design assistance?

Where should I look for layout recommendations?

Where can I find the package and PCB footprint information?

Which ordering part number (OPN) is right for me?

Where can I find Si5345/44/42 layout footprints and schematic symbols?

Where can I find the IBIS model for the Si5345/44/42?

What reference clock should be used on the XA/XB input?

What serial interfaces does the device support?

Are there any power supply filtering requirements or recommendations?

How do I properly terminate input and output clocks?

Where can I get detailed material composition information on these devices?

Is the part RoHS compliant, REACH compliant and lead (Pb) free?

What is the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) rating for the SI5345/44/42?

What is the recommended profiled for solder reflow process?

Frequency Plan and Clock Design Considerations

What development software do you have available to use with Si5345/44/42?

Where can I find ClockBuilder Pro Documentation?

Is there a recommended full device programming procedure?

What input buffer should I select?

Does the device support automatic input clock selection hitless switching?

How do I select proper jitter attenuation bandwidth?

Can I change an output frequency on the fly?

What is the best way to configure output clocks to optimize jitter performance?

Where can I look for help with DCO mode?

How much power will my frequency plan draw?

How can I know the performance of my frequency plan if I can’t measure phase noise or jitter?

Does the Si5345/44/42 support Zero-Delay Buffer operation?

Common Debug Questions

The device is not generating output clocks, what can I do?

I am unable to establish communication with the device via the serial interface, what can I do? 


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