General Questions

  1. Where can I find datasheets and user guides for Si522xx?



Si52204 Evaluation Kit (EVB):


EVB User Guide:


Some Helpful Application Notes

Description of the new PCI Express 4.0 Jitter Requirements:


Help on converting HCSL Signals to either LVPECL, LVDS, or CML:


Tips for driving longer PCI Express clock lines:


  1. Where can I find more information regarding the Si522xx's PCIe performance?

Try looking in our PCI Express Learning Center:


There you can download our PCIE Express Clock Jitter Tool and see sample data files from the Si52204.


  1. Where can I find quality and reliability documents for Si522xx?

Try our RFI Portal:


If you aren’t able to find the needed documents there, try emailing our quality team at:


  1. Want sample parts?

We are currently giving out samples for Si52202-A01, Si52204-A01, Si52208-A01, and Si52212-A01. To request one, select the sample option beneath the desired part number in our PCIe Clock Generator Product Matrix.


Part Specific Questions


  1. What is the I2C address for Si52202?

Since Si52202 does not have a REF/SA pin to select the I2C address, the address will always be set to 0x6A.

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