How do I determine the PCB and schematic version of kit boards?


   Firstly the PCB version is corresponding to the bare PCB, the schematic version is corresponding to the assembled PCB. The following points show the detailed relationship between them, using the Wireless STK Mainboard BRD4001A as an example:

  • Schematic version corresponds to the assembly revision (BRD), , which is marked as BRD4001A Rev A01 in laser print or sticker label on the PCB itself.
  • PCB version corresponds to the bare PCB revision (PCB), which is marked as PCB4001A Rev A03 in silkscreen on the bottom of the PCB itself.
  • Also note that in the schematic file, if you click on the PCB component on the cover page, this will show “Mfg#=PCB4001 Rev A03”, which is calling out the physical bare PCB component that corresponds with the assembly revision BRD4001A Rev A01 called out in the schematic title block as “Document number” and “Revision”.

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