Do I have to use RAIL to access and configure the transceiver for my proprietary protocol on EFR32 devices?


Yes, RAIL and Radio Configurator tool in Simplicity Studio are the currently available means to configure and access the radio on EFR32 devices. Over the past decades we have seen an evolution in software programming from assembly code to C programming and nowadays to object oriented programming like Java, Python or C++. This was done to facilitate development of bigger and more complex software and also simplify the overall programming experience by allowing engineers to focus on their designs. On the wireless connectivity side, the integrated transceivers are also getting more complex due to multiband-multiprotocol operation in resource constrained environments. Over the last many generation of our products we have also seen an exponential growth in the MCU and transceiver complexity that has increased the customer’s time to market. The multiple optimization vectors make it difficult for an individual customer to optimally configure the transceiver within the SOC especially for proprietary wireless protocols. Furthermore each setting and configuration must be tested to ensure proper performance as part of the SOC. To make the product easier to use we abstract the radio through an interface layer called the Radio Abstraction Interface Layer (RAIL). This improves our customer’s time to market, ensures code portability and guarantees the best possible performance for given configurations. Periodically there is a configuration that hasn’t been created for the device, the configuration list is constantly evolving. In that case you can contact your local FAE or customer apps to request a specific configuration be added.

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