The basic operation flow of the NVM Programming Utility (Si4010_NVM_Burner.exe)  is as follows:


1. Select the Main tab on the GUI.

2. Select the USB adapter.

3. Hit the Connect button to connect to the part.


4. Add your application code intel hex file to the User Boot section.

5. Keep the address value as it is — first line has 0xE180 address filled automatically.

6. Check "Run" checkbox only.

7. Specify the new output NVM Burn File. Choose Overwrite if desired. GUI must check the file existence before running the composer since the composer always overwrites the existing output file.

8. Hit Compose and observe the results. The gui_composer.exe is invoked behind the scenes and the NBF file gets generated.


4.Load existing, previously generated NVM Burn File. The Compose Map gets filled in from the file. Then go to Step 9.

In both cases:

9.Make sure the 6.5 V programming voltage is connected to GPIO[0] of the part. For example, slide the PROG switch on the MSC-BA4 board to the ON position.

10. Hit Burn to burn the device. The burning process loads the NBF file in the device and uses the information in the NBF file to do the actual burning. Observe the results. The burning process stops at first error encountered.

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