SEGGER SystemView is a real-time recording and visualization tool. It is freely available from SEGGER’s website.

This article describes how to setup SEGGER SystemView for a non-OS project and shows how to modify a simple Flex / RAIL example to call SEGGER SystemView routines.

Since Simplicity Studio contains the SystemView, it is only necessary to download the "SystemView Target Sources" package from


The steps below described how to add SystemView capability to an example project and how to run it:

  • Extract SystemView source files from the downloaded archive (.zip) file to an arbitrary directory
  • Open the RAIL: Simple TRX example project and click on "Generate" to let Studio to generate the necessary files
  • From the previously extracted SystemView source files / directories copy "Config" and "SEGGER" directories and "Sample\NoOS\Config\Cortex-M\ SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Config_NoOS.c" file to the project’s root directory
  • Add the copied directories to the include path of the project:


  • Open and edit "main.c" and add the following lines to the code:

#include "SEGGER_SYSVIEW.h"



#include "rail_config.h"
#include "hal_common.h"
#include "SEGGER_SYSVIEW.h" // include SystemView header file

// Memory manager configuration
#define MAX_BUFFER_SIZE  256
  // Initialize Radio

  SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf(); // initialize SystemView
  SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Start(); // start SystemView

  // Configure RAIL callbacks
  • Open and edit "emdrv\gpiointerrupt.c" and add the following lines to the code:

#include "SEGGER_SYSVIEW.h"



Note, "gpiointerrupt.c" is a shared SDK file, when you start to edit a popup will appear:

It is recommended to choose "Make a Copy" to keep the original file intact.

void GPIO_EVEN_IRQHandler(void)
  SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR(); //emit Enter ISR signal

  uint32_t iflags;

  /* Get all even interrupts. */
  iflags = GPIO_IntGetEnabled() & 0x00005555;

  /* Clean only even interrupts. */


  SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordExitISR(); //emit Exit ISR signal
  • Compile and run the project as usual. SystemView does not require to project to debug, it will work if the code is just running.
  • Click on the SystemView icon in Studio to start SEGGER SystemView application:

  • When SystemView started, click on the green ‘Play’ icon.

  • A configuration window pops up. Leave all setting as their default and click "OK".

  • The SystemView application starts running. Pressing PB0 pushbutton on the WSTK board will result in events recorded:


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