In the following Knowledge Base Article, available ports are listed for the ISA3 debug adapter. These ports can be connected to using telnet software.

"What TCP/UDP ports are required for the Ember Debug Adapter to operate with Ember Desktop?"

This article covers a quick connection to the virtual UART (Port 4900) of the EM35xx chip. More information can be found in document UG110: EM35x Development Kit User Guide, Section 6.6 "Using the Serial Ports". These were the steps used with Tera Term, but other telnet software should work:

1. In Tera Term, go to Setup -> TCP/IP.
2. Add Host IP for ISA3 (for example:
3. Set Port#: 4900
4. Click OK
5. Go to File -> New connection and select TCP/IP.
6. Select Host:
7. Change Service to Telnet
8. Change TCP port# to 4900
9. Click OK
10. Press Enter. This should give you a prompt ">"
11.Go to Setup -> Terminal and turn on Local Echo

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