This article covers migrating from an old EmberZNet stack version to a current version (pre-EmberZNet5.8) using Simplicity Studio v4 and your project's ISC file.

1. Copy the ISC file and any additional files in the project that were modified into the same directory. For example:


2. Start up Studio v4 and go to the Simplicity IDE perspective.
3. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Simplicity Studio -> SDKs and uncheck all EmberZNet stack installs other than the most current EmberZNet stack you are migrating to.
4. Go to File -> Import and select Simplicity Studio -> MCU Project. This will open up a dialogue.
4. Find your ISC file and add it to the list. Click Next and the Build Configuration will show that there or some unresolved dependencies. Click Next again to make changes.
5. Under Reconstruct Build Configurations make sure you have the proper Board (if you have one), Part, SDK, and Toolchain are selected. Click Next.
6. Under Project Configuration, type in a Project name. Click Finish.
7. Navigate to your project in Project Explorer and open your ISC file. Simplicity Studio might ask you to select the specific stack you want to use. This is because of the differences between Host and SoC code. After this, an "Auto upgrade notice" should pop up. Closing this window, your project has been updated to the new stack you have available.
8. Under the General tab, check the stack version and generation directory.
8. Navigate to the "Other" tab in AppBuilder and update any additional files added by clicking on the file and reselecting it.
9. Generate.
10. Compile.

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