Silabs has released the new EFR32MG12 parts which are supported in Simplicity Studio V4 via the Software Update and new stack installation process, but if I want to compile or debug directly in IAR, how do I get the new parts?


In the Silabs Portal under Software Releases, find the version of IAR you are using, for example IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, v7.80.2 (sorting Release Name alphabetically under "I" helps).


In the Associated Content, find the IAR-EFR32xG12x-part-support-5.1.0 and download the zipfile. Inside it, there is another zipfile that contains the sub-family you are looking for. In specific, most Mesh users will want the file. Copy this file into your IAR installation, in the top level of the EWARM version you are using. In this case, C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 7.5\ -- it goes wherever the arm directory exists.


Make sure the IAR application is closed. Unzip the file "here". This will place the contents into the correct subdirectories. When you restart, you will be able to specify the part used when you open the eww file by right-clicking on the project name, and picking Options... > General Options > Target > Device and pulling the menu down to SiliconLaboratories EFR32MG12[the rest of your part number here].


Now you should be able to build and debug in IAR.

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  • Hello, 
    Can you provide direct link to the zipfile or instruction how to find it?
    I can't find "IAR-EFR32xG12x-part-support-5.1.0" and "EFR32xG12x"  in silabs search in any place except this answer.
    What is "Software Releases"? Is it "Software downloads"? (
    If yes, there is no any IAR mention in this page.

  • IAR's latest release 8.11.2 has support for the EFR32xxx12 parts.  You can create a project in simplicity studio for IAR and then open it in the IAR environment(with maybe a few tweaks).   I have had no luck, however, attempting to run this code in the simplicity studio IDE, although it does seem to build correctly.



  • Hi ctmark,


    We work closely with IAR to ensure that the compiler supports our parts and our stacks. As a result, we can only guarantee that you will be able to build successfully and reliably with the versions specified.


    Here is a link to our official compatibility listing.





  • Any version of IAR less than 8.11.2 (including your officially compatible version) does not support the EFR32xx12 parts.   There seems to be no such thing as "IAR-EFR32xG12x-part-support-5.1.0" mentioned above.   If I could find it, I  would certainly try it on IAR 7.8 as that may be the best path.   Please help us locate this essential set of files.