How do I program EFM32 devices via command line?


To program via command line, you can use a Segger debugger (either a standalone device or the J-Link on-board Silicon Labs MCU Starter Kit (STK) and Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) boards) and a utility that provides a command line interface.  Two such options are described below:


Simplicity Commander


A tool provided by Silicon Labs that contains a scriptable command line, allows the user to flash their application, and create production ready binaries.  Available as a standalone utility (see the Windows, Mac, and Linux download links listed under the "In-System Programming" section at Production Programming Options for Silicon Labs Devices), but is also included within Simplicity Studio.


For more information on Simplicity Commander:



Segger JFlash


The documentation for using JFlash in GUI or command line mode can be found here:

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