MSRP $250.00

Si824x Class D Audio Amplifier Reference Design

The Silicon Labs Class D Audio Amplifier Reference Design, a stereo, two-state, half-bridge Class D amplifier leverages the performance advantages of the Si8241 ISOdriver.

The Class D reference design architecture uses a phase-shift, self-oscillating modulation approach, capable of achieving far greater signal-to-noise ratio than clock-driven amplifiers. This self-oscillating implementation eliminates the circuitry necessary to generate the triangle waveform. To keep the circuit as simple as possible, a two-state, half-bridge is implemented and exemplifies the benefits of using the Si8241 audio gate driver.  The two-channel Class D Audio Amplifier delivers 120 W per channel into 8 Ω, while enabling < 0.02% THD at 60 W and > 95 dB SNR. 


MSRP $250.00


The Si824x Reference Design Features

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