MSRP $25.00

CPT212B Capacitive Touch with Reconfigurable I2C Development Kit

The CPT212B TouchXpress Evaluation Board features 12 capacitive sense pads along with a buzzer for touch feedback. The board can be connected to a host processor through the expansion header or breakout pins and to a PC using the USB connector.

Using the CPT212B evaluation board along with software demos built in the kit will allow interface to all EFM8™ and EFM32™ families of MCUs. All the collateral is targeted at easily enabling developers and reducing their time-to-market. Support from Simplicity Studio software.

MSRP $25.00


CPT212B Development Kit Contents:

  • CPT212B Capacitive Sense Evaluation Board
  • Acrylic Overlay
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Get Started Card

CPT212B Development Kit Features:

  • CPT212B Capacitive Sense device with I2C and configuration loading
  • 20-pin expansion header for connection with a Silicon Labs Starter Kit
  • Breakout test points for easy access to touch pads
  • Power sources include USB and EXT Header
  • 12-Capacitive Sense touch pads
  • 1 Buzzer

Simplicity Studio Features:

  • Xpress Configurator
  • Capacitive Sense Profiler

Step 1: Get Started with the Quick Start Guide

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