MSRP $40.00

Si86xx Isolator Evaluation Kit

The Si86xx isolator evaluation kit includes several 5 kV isolators. This board is intended to simplify basic functional testing and engineering validation of various isolation product configurations for the Si86xx isolator family. The evaluation board is populated with the following:

  • Si8600 5 kV bidirectional I²C isolator
  • Si8605 5 kV bidirectional I²C isolator
  • Si8621 3.75 kV 2-channel isolator
  • Si8655 1 kV 5-channel isolator
  • Si8663 5 kV 6-channel isolator
  • Si8663 3.75 kV 6-channel isolator

MSRP $40.00


Kit Contents

  • SI86xxISO-EVB

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