MSRP $29.99

Si886xx Isolator Evaluation Kit

The Si886xx evaluation kit allows customers to evaluate the performance of the Si88xx digital isolators with integrated dc-dc converter family of products. The evaluation board has the Si88621ED-IS populated to showcase the Si886xx family - this addition to the Si88xx family of products has extended dc-dc converter capabilities compared to the Si8824x. The Si8862x products can be used with an external switch that extends the input voltage of the dc-dc converter from 5 V to 24 V and power from 2 W to 5 W with a conversion efficiency of an industry best of 83%. It is a complete solution for using a 24 V primary supply to deliver up to 5W on the secondary side at 3 - 5 V supply voltage. Convenient test points are included to measure and observe time varying currents and voltages to calculate relevant parameters like efficiency, load/line regulation etc.

MSRP $29.99


Kit Contents

  • Si8862x based evaluation board
  • Si88621ED-IS: Dual digital isolator with integrated DC/DC converter with external switch capability
  • UTB02205s: 24 V to 5 V transformer
  • Information card to get you started

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