MSRP $29.00

Si838x PLC Input Isolator Evaluation Kit

The Si838x evaluation board allows designers to evaluate our Si838x family of PLC input isolators. The Si838xISO-EVB is populated with a Si8384P and three different input networks, each representing a recommendation derived from the respective IEC 61131-2 digital input types at 24 V dc. The Si838xISO-EVB allows designers to quickly evaluate the Si8384P’s functionality and capabilities by driving either 24V digital logic signals into the test-points labeled “EXT” or 2 V - 5 V signals into the remaining test-points. The board facilitates quick evaluation of the devices’ key parameters and also includes test points on each devices’ pins to accommodate direct connection to the designer’s end system.

MSRP $29.00


Kit Contents

  • Si838xISO-EVB evaluation board
  • Si8384P-IU – PLC input isolator with 4 high speed channels, and 8 total channels in 20 pin QSOP package

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