MSRP $99.00

Si823Hx Gate Driver Board

The Si823Hx Gate Driver Board (GDB) is ideal for driving power modules and discrete transistors. This two-channel isolated gate driver solution features a differential digital interface, optimized on-board isolated power supply, and user-configurable turn-on and turn-off gate resistors. Status indicator LEDs and test points make evaluation and prototyping easy.

MSRP $99.00


Gate Driver Board Features

  • Two input, high-side/low-side gate driver with dead-time control and overlap protection
  • 4 A symmetric peak output current
  • 1 Ω sourcing and sinking gate resistors
  • Built-in +15 V and -3.5 V isolated power supplies
  • 5 kVrms safety rated isolation
  • 125 kV/µs common mode transient immunity (CMTI)
  • DC bus voltage up to 800 V
  • Reverse polarity protection for 12 V input supply
  • Differential inputs for increased noise immunity
  • Module temperature (NTC) output as frequency modulated digital signal
  • Reference design available in Tech Docs

Additional System Components

The Si823Hx GDB is highly versatile but must be combined with other components to form a complete system. You can choose various vendors' elements to complete your evaluation or protyping system and tailor it to your specific needs.


Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ Power Module Evaluation

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