MSRP $49.00

Si82xx Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Kit

The Si82xx ISOdriver evaluation kit provides a platform for evaluating several different isolated gate driver products. The board is intended to simplify basic functional testing and engineering validation of the Si822x/3x ISOdriver devices. For each device unique power and ground screw terminals are available for connection with the user’s evaluation system. The high side driver has a bootstrap circuit available as a jumper option. Also, accommodation is made for user installed power transistors and gate resistors.

MSRP $49.00


Kit Contents

  • Si8220 Opto-input, 2.5 Amp, 5 kV ISOdriver
  • Si8233 2-input, 4 Amp, 5 kV High Side/Low Side ISOdriver
  • Si8234 PWM-input, 4 Amp, 5 kV High Side/Low Side ISOdriver
  • Si8235 2-input, 4 Amp, 5 kV Dual ISOdriver

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