USB Type-C Alternate Mode Reference Design

The USB Type-C Alternate Mode Reference Design is a virtual reference design where the schematics, software, and videos are available to aid developers in creating an Alternate Mode USB Type-C Solution. This reference design features 2 Power Delivery (PD) controllers and one Alternate Mode USB controller. It is able to take in display port data and convert this to USB Type-C while also either receiving power or sending power via the 2 PD controllers. This design takes advantage of the EFM8 BB3 PD controller and the EFM8 UB1 USB controller to create a complete USB Type-C solution.

Download schematic for the Type-C dongle reference design board featuring Power Delivery, Alternate Mode, and Billboard functionality.

Read the user guide and get started with step-by-step instructions on how to use and develop with Silicon Labs Type-C solution.



  • Silicon Labs' Power Deliver controller stack library and Billboard source code
  • Simplicity Studio support

High Performance

  • Power Delivery support
  • USB 2.0 Billboard support
  • Cable attach/detach detection

High Integration

  • Crystal-less operation
  • Intergrated MCU peripherals
    • I2C, timers, ADC, etc.
  • Small package:
    • EFM8BB3 QFN32
    • EFM8UB1 QFN20/28

Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

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