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Si3402B PoE Powered Device Isolated Evaluation Kit

With decades of high-voltage design expertise and a proven track record of supplying hundreds of millions of high voltage products, we are enabling customers to integrate PoE into a wide array of products at the lowest overall cost and lowest design effort with the Si3402B Powered Device (PD).

The Si3402B makes it simple and cost-effective for customers to add PoE capability to any Ethernet powered device application. By removing cost and design challenges, we are enabling widespread proliferation of PoE into the massive worldwide Ethernet infrastructure.

Powered Device evaluation kits are available as either non-isolated or isolated topologies. Generally, isolated topologies are chosen when there are non-Ethernet jacks also included in the power device equipment, such as AC/DC adapters, USB ports, RS-232 ports, etc. Isolated topologies provide the PoE subsystem protection from undesirable earth ground connections and provide users of the equipment a basic level of safety from electrical shock.

PoE PD evaluation kits contain an evaluation board with RJ-45 jacks to allow direct connection into a PoE-enabled system, as well as power supply connectors to enable monitoring of the Si3402B’s regulated dc output. EVBs are configured by default to generate a 5V output. The EVB User's Guide provides a tabular summary of the BOM changes required to configure the Si3402B to generate 3.3V, 9V and 12V output supplies.

MSRP $95.00


Kit Contents

  • Evaluation board with RJ-45 jacks
  • Power supply connectors

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