MSRP $47.50

Si3462 Single Port PoE+ PSE Evaluation Kit

The Si3462 is a single-port power management controller for IEEE 802.3at PoE/PoE+ compliant Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). The Si3462 operates directly from a 50 V (nominal) isolated input for PoE or 54 V (nominal) isolated input for PoE+. The complete Si3462 kit also provides full IEEE-compliant classification and detection as well as a robust disconnect algorithm. Intelligent protection circuitry includes input under-voltage and over-voltage lockout (UVLO/OVLO), current limiting, and output short-circuit protection.

The Si3462 is designed to operate completely independently of host processor control. A reset button and an optional LED status signal are provided to indicate port status including detect, power good, and output fault event information.

MSRP $47.50


Kit Contents:

  • Si3462 EVB
  • Si3462-EVB OrCAD Schematics
  • PCB layout BOM listing
  • UNH Interoperability Lab Test Reports

Si3462 Supports:

  • Classification Optional mode reduces bill of materials for 15.4 W operation and also for non-standard 30 W powered device applications that do not require classification
  • Endpoint and midspan applications with support for either 10/100BASE-T or 10/100/1000BASE-T
  • All PoE/PoE+ classification power levels
  • Classification-based current limiting
  • Automatic or manual restart after various fault events are detected

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