HRM-WG-BIO-44 Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitoring Development Platform with Integrated LED

The HRM-WG-BIO-44 is a comprehensive kit that allows for convenient evaluation and developing a heart rate monitoring solution using our Si1144 module and has support for our proprietary HRM algorithm.

The kit includes a BIOMETRIC-EXP-EVB, an EFM32™ Wonder Gecko Starter Kit, and the HRM44-GGG-PS board. The HRM44-GGG-PS board connects using the included I2C flex cable to the BIOMETRIC-EXP-EVB. On the HRM44-GGG-PS board, the Si1144 module with integrated LED is used to provide wrist or arm based heart rate monitoring.


Note: This kit is in limited sampling and only available under an NDA agreement.


Kit Contents

Step 1: Get Started with the User's Guide

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