MSRP $72.36

Si7013 USB Dongle Humidity Sensor Evaluation Kit

The Si7013USB-DONGLE has reached Not Recommended for New Design (NRND) status due to the Si7013-A20-GM1 product being NRND.

The Si7013 humidity and temperature sensor evaluation kit and accompanying graphical user interface software allow quick and easy access to the features and functions of the Si701x/2x humidity and temperature sensor family while enabling the evaluation of the sensor’s performance.

MSRP $72.36


Kit Contents

  • Si7013 USB dongle board
  • Si7013-EB “postage stamp” daughter board
  • Si7020-EB “postage stamp” daughter board
  • Si7021-EB “postage stamp” daughter board
  • 3 ft. flat ribbon cable
  • USB extension cable

Additional Resources

AN607: Si7005 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Designer's Guide

Step 1: Get Started with the User's Guide

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