MSRP $95.00

Si5xx Single/Dual/Quad Frequency 5x7 mm XO/VCXO Evaluation Kit

The Si5xx5x7-EVB evaluation kit contains the hardware and documentation needed for evaluation of the 6-pin and 8-pin XOs/VCXOs in 5x7 mm packages. This is an older board, sometimes referred to as the “postage stamp board”, which was initially developed to support the Si550 and related devices. It will not support 3.2x5 mm packages.

MSRP $95.00


Evaluation Kit Contents

  • Si5xx5x7-EVB evaluation board
  • Documentation CD

The Si5xx5x7-EVB does not come with a pre-installed sample device. You can specify a custom crystal oscillator and create a new part number, or look up an existing product by part number, and order samples starting at the Custom Oscillator Part Number Utility.

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