MSRP $230.00

WF111 Wi-Fi Development Kit

The WF111 Wi-Fi® development kit can be used to seamlessly and quickly test the WF111 Wi-Fi module. DKWF111 is intended for evaluating the WF111 Wi-Fi module and as a basis for product development. The board can be inserted directly into an SDIO card slot, or a pin header or wires can be soldered to the board for alternative connections into the test system or application.

MSRP $230.00

    WF111 Development Kit Contents:
  • The WF111 SDIO evaluation board contains:
    • WF111 Wi-Fi Module
    • Current measurement point
    • SDIO slot interface
  • WF111 module
  • Programming cable
  • Documentation



WF111 Develoment Kit Features:

  • SDIO host connection
  • Two switch mode converters
  • Current measurement voltage output
    Wi-Fi Software SDK Benefits:
  • A full 802.11 MAC and TCP/IP stacks
  • BGAPI™ binary protocol for applications with separate host (MCU)
  • BGScript™ scripting language for standalone applications

Step 1: Download and Install the Wi-Fi SDK 

Explore WF111 documents available and get started today! 

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