MSRP $230.23

WF200 Wi-Fi Expansion Kit with Raspberry Pi

The WF200 Wi-Fi Expansion Kit is the best and fastest way to explore the capabilities of the WF200 Series of Wi-Fi Transceivers. The kit includes a built-in Raspberry Pi Connector to get started immediately with Linux development and an EXP Connector to enable development on Silicon Labs' MCUs and Wireless MCUs. Open-source drivers are available for a variety of Linux and RTOS platforms to offer the broadest possible choice of host processors. It contains onboard antennas as well as a micro u.FL connector for external antennas.

Note: The SLEXP8022C contains the SLEXP8022A and also includes a Raspberry Pi.

MSRP $230.23


Hardware Features

  • Raspberry Pi header - support for Raspberry Pi (2, 2B, and 3)
  • EXP header - support for Silicon Labs' MCUs and Wireless MCUs starter kits
  • WF200S Wi-Fi Transceiver enables secure link and non-secure link development
  • On-board antennas
  • u.FL connector for conducted measurements and adding in an external antenna
    Software Features
  • Open source drivers for Linux Based platforms
  • Open source drivers for Micrium RTOS and FreeRTOS
  • Example demo applications

Step 1: For Linux Development

  • Plug in the SD card included in the kit into a Raspberry Pi.
  • Connect the WF200 Expansion Kit to the Raspberry Pi board using the provided HAT connector.
  • Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide which includes links to get the latest drivers and firmware for the Raspberry Pi and other Linux platforms.

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