32-bit MCU Longevity Commitment

Silicon Labs targets a minimum 10-year life cycle for all members of its EFM32™ family of ARM® Cortex® -M microcontrollers. The EFM32 family is targeted toward applications and industry segments that require ultra-low power, high memory and connectivity, and stable life cycles, including metering applications. The EFM32 family of MCUs has been designed using the widely-available 180nm and 90nm Mixed-Signal CMOS process technologies.

Silicon Labs provides a minimum longevity commitment for continued availability of all its EFM32 product families until clearly defined dates as set out below. If, for business, technical or other reasons beyond Silicon Labs’ reasonable control, Silicon Labs finds that it is necessary to discontinue a product, our policy is to issue an EOL notice that provides 6 months from notice to place final orders and 12 months from notice for final shipments. If it becomes necessary to transfer the production of a product to an alternate manufacturing facility or technology, Silicon Labs will notify customers using its standard PCN procedures.

Device Family Release Date Minimum Longevity
EFM32 Giant Gecko GG12 December 2018 March 2029
EFM32 Giant Gecko GG11 July 2017 March 2029
EFM32 Tiny Gecko TG11 March 2018 March 2029
EFM32 Jade Gecko JG12 March 2017 March 2029
EFM32 Pearl Gecko PG12 March 2017 March 2029
EFM32 Jade Gecko JG1 December 2015 March 2029
EFM32 Pearl Gecko PG1 December 2015 March 2029
EFM32 Happy Gecko May 2015 March 2026
EFM32 Zero Gecko September 2013 March 2026
EFM32 Wonder Gecko May 2013 March 2026
EFM32 Leopard Gecko September 2011 March 2026
EFM32 Giant Gecko September 2011 March 2026
EFM32 Tiny Gecko March 2010 March 2026
EFM32 Gecko October 2009 March 2026
Precision32 Low Power (SiM3L) October 2012 January 2024
Precision32 USB (SiM3U) February 2012 January 2024
Precision32 Analog-Intensive (SiM3C) February 2012 January 2024
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