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"CooCox" stands for Cooperate on Cortex. We have been committed to providing free and open ARM Cortex M development tools to users over the years, and have recently started to expand the business scope to hardware with low cost and high performance. Aimed at building a contribution & sharing embedded communication platform, CooCox is devoted to make ARM Cortex M development as simple as stacking building blocks by providing internet-based code components and prototyping boards. Currently there are over 10000 visits and over 1500 downloads on CooCox website each week. CooCox users have covered over 100 countries, including Germany, Russia, United States, India, Japan, Italy, Thailand, etc. Due to our gradually rising influence, CooCox has built good cooperation relationship with the leading silicon suppliers in the world, such as NXP, ST, TI, Freescale, Atmel, Energy Micro, Nuvoton, etc. CooCox is also a member of ARM Connected Community. CooCox wishes to build a contribution & sharing embedded communication platform, gather all developers here, and speed up their development.

Additional Services

  • IDE: Eclipse based CoIDE, fully support EFM32 devices and kits
  • Debugger: Fully support EFM32
  • RTOS: EFM32 supported
  • Hardware
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