Multi-Port PSE Controllers

Si3459 and Si3454 devices are components of a complete Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) solution, providing a one-stop-shop for PSE subsystems and accelerating time-to-market. The devices include Si8605 I2C isolators, an evaluation board and reference design and a stand-alone power manager IC (Si3484) for rapid integration with Ethernet switch chipsets.

Si3459 devices are highly integrated, 8-port PoE and PSE controllers, while Si3454 devices are 4-port controllers. Both devices support the original 15 W per port PoE standard and the 30 W per port PoE+ standard. The controllers enable PoE power to Ethernet RJ45 jack port application, monitor power conditions, detect and deal with faults, detect valid Powered Devices (PDs) and cut off port power when connected PDs are removed. The supply voltage and current for each port are measured and monitored in real-time and may be accessed via the I²C interface, enabling sophisticated system-level power management and control. The companion power manager IC, Si3484, enhances system-level power management to include consumption-based policies, which permit smaller, less costly power supplies, and enables supply failure monitoring for improved system robustness.

Package size
5x7 mm
Ethernet ports
Up to 8

Multi-port PSE Controller Common Specs

  • Products add Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabiltiy to Ethernet switch designs
    • PoE for Enterprise, Small/Midsize business, service routers, IP PBXs
  • Any combination of port counts can be added to Ethernet switches
    • Available in both 8- and 4-port building blocks
  • The included features set this family apart from many industry offerings
    • Ease of use and proven IEEE compliance
    • Logical programming interface
    • Thermal shutdown protection
    • Integrated +3 V power supply converter
    • Hosted or Autonomous operating modes
  • 64-port Power Manager IC controls mulitple PSE ICs from a system level
    • Offers increased port power consumption monitoring and control
    • Creates opportunity to downsize system power supplies
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Quad 802.3 AT POE PSE Controller -40 85 QFN38 30

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