Multi-Port PSE Controllers

Silicon Labs Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) solutions implement the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard to power multi-Ethernet port switches, gateways, and routers.

Si3474 powers up to four Ethernet ports with 90 W per port and supports thermally efficient 200mΩ current sense resistors. It is fully backwards compatible with 30 W and 15 W devices. Si3459 powers up to eight Ethernet ports with the original 15 W per port PoE standard and the 30 W per port PoE+ standard. All Silicon Labs multi-port PSE devices support autonomous or hosted operation, automatically detecting valid Powered Devices (PDs) and cutting off port power when connected PDs are removed. In addition, each PSE device provides a full featured I2C register interface for advanced power management and control.

Package size
8x8 mm
Ethernet ports
Up to 8

Multi-Port PSE Controller Common Specs

  • Products add Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabiltiy to Ethernet switch designs
    • PoE for Enterprise, Small/Midsize business, service routers, IP PBXs
  • Any combination of port counts can be added to Ethernet switches
    • Available in both 8- and 4-port building blocks
  • The included features set this family apart from many industry offerings
    • Ease of use and proven IEEE compliance
    • Logical programming interface
    • Thermal shutdown protection
    • Hosted or Autonomous operating modes
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Part Number Description Sense Resistor (mΩ) Temperature Range (°C) Package Type Maximum Output Power (W)
QUAD 802.3at PoE PSE Controller 255 -40 85 QFN38 30
OCTAL 802.3at POE PSE Controller 255 -40 85 QFN56 30
QUAD 802.3bt PoE PSE Controller 255 -40 85 QFN56 90
QUAD 802.3bt PoE PSE Controller 200 -40 85 QFN56 90

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