Analog to Digital Converters


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Silicon Labs Analog to Digital Converters are designed for low power consumption and ease of use. Each ADC's dynamic performance can easily be evaluated with the TSDA-VB plug and play FFT data acquisition capture kit. The single-supply, 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC), are successive-approximation ADCs that combines a high-bandwidth track-and-hold (T/H), a high-speed serial digital interface, an internal +2.5 V reference, and low conversion-mode power consumption. ADCs operate from a single +2.7 V to +3.6 V supply and draws less than 1 mA at 300 ksps.

Connecting directly to any SPI™/QSPI™/ MICROWIRE™ microcontrollers and other interface-compatible computing devices, the ADC's 3-wire serial interface is easy to use and doesn’t require separate, external logic. An external serial-interface clock controls the ADC3’s conversion process and its output shift register operation.

In PCB-space-conscious, low-power remote-sensor and data-acquisition applications, Silicon Labs' ADCs are an excellent choice for its low-power, ease-of-use, and small-package-footprint attributes.

As a pin-compatible and higher-speed upgrade to the MAX1286, the ADCs are fully specified over the -40 °C to +85 °C temperature range and are available in a low-profile, 8-pin 3 mm x 3 mm TDFN package with an exposed back-side paddle.



  • Single-Supply Operation: +2.7 V to +3.6 V (TS7001, TS7003)
  • DNL & INL: ±1 LSB (max)
  • Up to 300 ksps Sampling Rate
  • Low Conversion-Mode Supply Current
  • Low Supply Current in Shutdown
  • Internal 10 MHz Track-and-Hold
  • Internal Voltage Reference
  • SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE 3-Wire Serial-Interface

Analog to Digital Converters Product Matrix

Part Number Description Vdd min (V) Idd max (mA) Resolution Integral non-linearity Throughput (ksps) Interface Vreference (V) Initial Accuracy Vreference Drift (ppm/°C) Package Type Data Sheet
2-ch, 187.5 ksps, serial 12-bit SAR ADC 2.7 850 12 1 187.5 3-wire SPI 2.5 ±0.5% 30 MSOP-8
1-ch, 300 ksps, serial 12-bit SAR ADC 2.7 950 12 1 300 3-wire SPI 2.5 ±0.6% 30 TDFN33EP-8
2-ch, 125 ksps, serial 12-bit SAR ADC 2.7 850 12 1 125 3-wire SPI 2.5 30 SOIC-8; MSOP-8
2-ch, 125 ksps, serial 12-bit SAR ADC 2.7 850 12 2 125 3-wire SPI 2.5 30 SOIC-8
1-ch, 300 ksps, serial 12-bit SAR ADC 2.7 2500 12 1 300 3-wire SPI 2.5 15 SOIC-8
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