Si4768/69 FM RDS/RBDS Data Receiver/Alternate Frequency Scanner with MPX Output/FM HD Radio Tuner for Data Services ​​​​


The Si4768/69 is a highly-integrated CMOS IC specifically designed for high-performance RDS/RBDS data decoding, AF scanning, MPX output, and FM HD-Radio reception for data services in the companion tuner market for automotive and navigation devices.

The Si4768/69 IC is an ideal companion RDS background data receiver for Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and Open Data Applications (ODA) applications frequently used in conjunction with GPS functionality or as an alternate frequency (AF) scanner in automotive radios. It offers a fully-integrated advanced decoder for the European RDS and the North American RBDS. It includes demodulation, symbol decoding, advanced error correction, detailed visibility to block-error rates (BLER) and decoder reliability, synchronization status and times. The Si4768/69 provides complete, decoded and error-corrected RDS groups (up to 25 groups at a time) with associated BLER.



  • Worldwide FM band support (64–108 MHz)
  • Advanced patented RDS/RBDS Forward Error Correction (FEC) engine
    • Highest RDS Decoder Reliability
    • Robust synchronization at high BLER
  • RDS reception with FM mono broadcast
  • Fully configurable RDS data quality visibility and associated interrupts
  • On-chip memory for up to 25 RDS groups
  • FM HD-Radio Tuner (Si4769 only)
  • Analog FM MPX output for interface to VICS decoders
  • Integrated FM active splitter
    • Addresses companion AF scanning and RDS/VICS reception
  • Dynamic FM channel bandwidth control for adjacent channel suppression
  • Full suite of signal metrics: RSSI, SNR, multi-path interference, frequency offset, adjacent channel RSSI, USN
  • Frequency synthesizer with fully integrated PLL-VCO
    • Integrated crystal oscillator
  • Digital Low-IF architecture
    • Eliminates expensive 10.7 MHz IF ceramic filters
  • On-chip FM AGC with integrated resistor banks
    • Eliminates external PIN diode attenuators
  • 1.2–5 V power supplies
  • QFN 40-pin, 6 x 6 x 0.85 mm
  • RoHS compliant
  • AEC-Q100 qualified

Si4768/69 Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Tuning Method Display Method Mono/Stereo RDS FM AM SW LW WB TX EN55020
Data Receiver/Alt Freq Scanner Digital Digital NA Yes Yes No No No No No No
Data Receiver/Alt Freq Scanner Digital Digital NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
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