Si4706 Enhanced FM RDS/TMC Radio Receiver


The Silicon Labs Si4706 enhanced FM RDS/TMC radio receiver IC provides full receive functionality from antenna to RDS/RBDS data for use as a dedicated data receiver. 

The 100% CMOS receiver is an ideal RDS/RBDS data receiver for Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and Open Data Applications (ODA) applications frequently used in conjunction with GPS functionality. The Si4706 offers a fully-integrated decoder for the European RDS and the North American RBDS. The product includes demodulation, symbol decoding, advanced error correction, detailed visibility to block-error rates, (BLER) and decoder reliability, synchronization status and times. The Si4706 provides complete, decoded and error-corrected RDS groups (up to 25 groups at a time) in four 16-bit registers. 



  • Worldwide FM band support (76–108 MHz)
  • Advanced RDS decoding engine
  • Unmatched RDS sensitivity
  • Leading RDS synchronization metrics
  • Supports integrated antenna

Si4706 Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Tuning Method Display Method Mono/Stereo RDS FM AM SW LW WB TX EN55020
Enhanced Receiver with RDS Digital Digital Stereo Yes Yes No No No No No No
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