Si468x Digital Radio Receivers


The Silicon Labs Si468x single-chip digital receivers are the industry's first fully integrated, 100% CMOS digital radio broadcast receivers ICs built for consumer electronic products.   

The Si468x family provides revolutionary advances in size, power consumption, and performance to enable high-volume, cost-sensitive multimedia products incorporating digital broadcast features.  

The family offers all-in-one, ultra-low power, multi-band digital broadcast receivers to support global analog and digital radio standards, including AM, SW, LW, FM, FM RDS, HD, DAB, DAB+, DMB, and DRM(30).  

Our Si468x digital radio receivers are the most cost-effective single-chip digital radio receivers available on the market today. The family supports worldwide radio reception and is certified for both Digital Radio Tick Mark and AM/FM HD Radio.



  • Worldwide FM band support (76–108 MHz)
  • Worldwide AM band support (520-1710 kHz)
  • DAB, DAB+ Band III support (168–240 MHz)
  • Advanced RDS/RBDS decoding engine
  • AM/FM HD Radio™ support
  • Integrated HD blend
  • Supports WorldDMB Receiver Profiles 1 and 2
  • OFDM channel demodulator
    • Simultaneous decoding of up to 4 service components
    • Seamless dynamic multiplex reconfiguration
  • Integrated SRAM supporting time and frequency de-interleaving
  • Advanced seek functionality
  • Advanced audio DSP processing
  • Complete on-chip source decode
  • I2S digital audio out with ASRC
  • Integrated 97 dB stereo audio DAC
  • Concurrent I2S / L-R stereo audio out
  • Full range of analog and digital signal quality metrics
  • Fully-integrated VCO / PLL / synthesizer
  • Fully-integrated advanced AGC and alignment
  • SPI, I2C control interfaces
  • WLCSP and QFN packages
  • Digital Radio UK (DRUK) Digital Tick Mark Certified
  • HD Radio™ Certified

Si468x Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Mono/Stereo RDS FM AM AMHD FMHD DAB/DAB+ HD Radio Certification
FM/HD Radio Receiver w RDS Stereo Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
AM/FM/HD Radio Receiver w RDS Stereo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
FM/DAB/DAB+ Receiver w RDS Stereo Yes Yes No No No Yes No
AM/FM/DAB/DAB+ Receiver w RDS Stereo Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
FM/HD Radio/DAB/DAB+ Receiver w RDS Stereo Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
AM/FM/HD Radio/DAB/DAB+ Receiver w RDS Stereo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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