Si826x Opto-Drvier Replacement Isolated Gate Driver Sample Pack


The Si826x sample pack contains six different opto-driver replacement products in different packages with several output configurations. Each of these OPNs are included:

  • Si8261ACC-C-IP
  • Si8261BCC-C-IP
  • Si8261ACC-C-IS
  • Si8261BCC-C-IS
  • Si8261ACD-C-IS
  • Si8261BCD-C-IS

Silicon Labs family of Si826x opto-coupled gate drivers provides reliability advantages over traditional opto-drivers. The Si826x family has almost 10x lower propagation delay and skew, is resistant to temperature and aging effects and provides a ten times lower FIT rate for longer life of service.


  • PCB footprint compatible with opto-drivers
  • LED emulator input
  • 3 to 30 V open collector output
  • Propagation delay: 35 ns (typical)
  • Driver current output: 0.6 mA or 4 A
  • 3.75 or 5 kV rms reinforced isolation rating
  • 50 kV/μs (typical) common-mode transient immunity
  • Temperature range: -40 to +125 °C

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