Si8284 Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Kit


The Si8284 evaluation board highlights the Si8284CD-IS configuration of the Si828x family of isolated IGBT drivers. This device combines a high-quality, isolated gate driver with a high-efficiency dc-dc converter to simplify system power routing. The dc-dc converter in this configuration utilizes an external FET for power switching. This allows for high voltage rails to be used for the power converter input.

The board includes all BOM necessary for the dc-dc power converter. The board takes a 24 V input, and the power converter delivers a -9 V and a 15 V rail on the driver side. The converter can deliver approximately 4 W of power. Sockets are provided to allow the user to mount an IGBT or representative capacitor directly to the board. Alternately, the board can be wired to an in situ switch through the output screw terminals. Power is applied through screw terminals, and signals can be applied or monitored through a standard header.


  • Si8284-EVB evaluation board
  • Si8284CD-IS Isolated IGBT Driver with full featured dc-dc converter
  • Information card to get you started

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