Si83418AFA Smart Switch Evaluation Kit


The Si83418AFA-KIT allows designers to evaluate the Si834x 4 channel, low-side (sinking), isolated smart switch with a parallel input and SPI interface. The included evaluation board is populated with the Si83418AFA-IF isolated smart switch, test points to monitor all critical signal paths, as well as easy-to-use screw terminals for the logic interface and switch power supplies, as well as the channel inputs and outputs. The board is populated with a convenient pair of sockets and leads allowing you to quickly daisy-chain Si834x evaluation boards that have an SPI interface and evaluate them using a single pair of power supply connections and one SPI bus. The board also includes a convenient LED indicator attached to the fault output. The kit allows designers to quickly evaluate the isolated smart switches’ functionality and performance driving typical loads with a wide range of power supplies.


  • Si83418AFA-EVB evaluation board
  • Si83418AFA-IF 4 ch. low-side isolated smart switch with parallel input & SPI interface in a 9x9 DFN package
  • CP2130 USB to SPI evaluation board
  • USB A to micro USB cable
  • 10-pin female to female ribbon cable 

Additional Resources

AN1212: Advanced Load Driving Considerations for the Si834x Isolated Smart Switch

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