Si840x I²C, SMBus, Power Supply Communication Isolator Evaluation Kit


The Si840xI2C-KIT I²C digital isolator evaluation kit provides a convenient engineering break out board for easy evaluation of the Si840x series of I²C isolators. This kit comes populated with all versions of Silicon Labs' 2.5 kV I²C isolator products which are based on Silicon Labs' industry-leading CMOS isolation technology. Compared to optocoupler-based solutions, Silicon Labs' CMOS isolation technology delivers substantial gains in performance, reliability, cost and power consumption.

The Si840xI2C-KIT evaluation kit offers an overview of the Si84xx isolation product family with three different bidirectional I²C compliant isolators and a two-channel isolator.

  • Si8400 bidirectional I²C isolator
  • Si8401 bidirectional I²C isolator
  • Si8405 bidirectional I²C isolator plus two-channel isolator


  • SI840XI2C-EVB
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