Si86xx Linear Isolation Reference Design


Silicon Labs' ISOLinear reference design is intended for designers looking for a complete, high performance alternative to expensive isolation amplifiers used to implement analog signal isolation.This linear isolation reference design includes three different cost/performance-optimized analog isolation circuits, supporting input signal bandwidths from 100 kHz (at 12-bit resolution) to 500 kHz (at 10-bits). Each of the three independent reference circuits modulates an incoming analog signal, transmits the resulting digital signal through an Si86xx digital isolator and then filters the resulting output to reconstruct the analog input signal. Key applications include isolation amplifiers for sensors, ground loop elimination, level shifting and motor control. The heart of the ISOlinear reference design is a 150 Mbps Si86xx digital isolator. The board is populated with three 5 kV isolator variants:

  • (1) Si8630BD 5 kV 3-channel isolator
  • (2) Si8630ED 5 kV 3-channel isolator

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