EFM32™ Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo


The new SLSTK3201A contains both the EFM32™ Zero Gecko Starter Kit and sensor expansion board. The expansion board contains Silicon Labs’ Si7013 Relative Humidity and Temperature SensorSi1147 Proximity/UV/Ambient Light Sensor, and all IR LEDs and optomechanical components necessary for development of gesture and proximity applications. For power management, the expansion card also features a Silicon Labs Touchstone TS3310 DC/DC converter.

The SLSTK3201A is fully supported within Simplicity Studio for fast prototyping and development. A complete weather station application demonstrates relative humidity, temperature and/or UV index measurements and 2D gesture control. Source code is provided within Simplicity Studio, which allows developers to get up and running quickly with their own designs.

Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Includes

Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Resources

Weather Station User's Guide

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Simplicity Studio Software

Source code is provided as a software example within Simplicity Studio

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