USB Type-C Alternate Mode Reference Design

The USB Type-C Alternate Mode Reference Design is a virtual reference design where the schematics, software, and videos are available to aid developers in creating an Alternate Mode USB Type-C Solution. This reference design features 2 Power Delivery (PD) controllers and one Alternate Mode USB controller. It is able to take in display port data and convert this to USB Type-C while also either receiving power or sending power via the 2 PD controllers. This design takes advantage of the EFM8 BB3 PD controller and the EFM8 UB1 USB controller to create a complete USB Type-C solution.


Download schematic for the Type-C dongle reference design board featuring Power Delivery, Alternate Mode, and Billboard functionality

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Complete Type-C dongle and adaptor solution including, Power Delivery stack library, Billboard device source code, and sample code


User Guide

Read the user guide and quickly get started with step-by-step instructions on how to use and develop with Silicon Labs Type-C solution.

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  • Silicon Labs' Power Deliver controller stack library and Billboard source code
  • Simplicity Studio support

High Performance

  • Power Delivery support
  • USB 2.0 Billboard support
  • Cable attach/detach detection

High Integration

  • Crystal-less operation
  • Intergrated MCU peripherals
    • I2C, timers, ADC, etc.
  • Small package:
    • EFM8BB3 QFN32
    • EFM8UB1 QFN20/28

Reference Design Training Center

Whitepaper: Simplified USB Type-C Development

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Untangle USB Type-C

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